Online Cohort-based Skills Learning Platform for Tech Job Seekers


  • Building an online cohort-based learning platform for tech industry’s candidates to assess their skills and create their personalized career roadmap
  • Invited 40+ experienced tech professionals in Bay area to share their stories and skills learning tips for junior candidates
  • Grew over 30000 users on the social media channels and engaged them with skills-learning contents

Product demo:



Social Interactive Robot for Elderly People


  • Conducted in-depth user interviews with 10 elderly to identify their specific needs and concerns when communicating with other people, and went through the affinity diagram process to define the problems and product features
  • Led team of four people to rapidly prototype our product and conducted user testing, creating a robot that enhanced seniors’ social interaction with family and friends through adapted means of communications


Demo Video:

Mobile Robot for Outdoor Litter Pick Up


  • Developed a mobile app to interact with robot and realized the self-navigation function under GPS
  • Built an on-board vision system for robot to detect litters in real time and used Yolo deep learning package to complete objects classification
  • Designed visual servoing for robot base and path planning mechanism for 4 DOF arm to pick up the detected litters



For more details, please click Project website

Warehouse Simulation Platform Development Based on Augmented Reality


  • Created an AR-based teaching aid using AR Toolkit and AnyLogic to facilitate logistic management learning
  • Conducted secondary development on AR Toolkit to complete image acquisition and identification, registered AR elements in warehouse model
  • Utilized Floyd shortest-path algorithm to guide retrieval process and used virtual superposition to show the AGV movement in warehouse model



Parkour Game Redesign for Valentine’s Day


  • The idea for this game was to provide lovers with a game that they could play together and enjoy it on Valentine’s Day
  • I used a single player’s parkour template and conducted secondary development on it, changing it into a double player’s game which was more fun
  • This was launched on Sina SAE cloud platform on Valentine’s Day and reached 12000 unique players within a single day111222