Technical Program Manager, Mountain View, CA, Apr 2018 to Present

  • Led projects that leveraged on-device AI technologies to reduce user friction when interacting with Google Assistant, achieving on average 23% latency reduction on 10M home devices launched at Made By Google event
  • Led three teams to build local Smart Home framework equivalent to HA server on the Nest devices, creating a whole home experience with 3X faster queries execution
  • Drove the ML model evaluation to support new features on device, achieving the quality on par with server side
  • Managed on-device Assistant internationalization, expanding to AU/CA/GB/IE locales which increased 60% more devices in production
  • Established automation testing framework and performance monitoring for on-device Assistant, which guided the team level metrics improvement


Technical Product Manager, San Diego, CA, Mar 2018 to Apr 2019

  • Took the lead in software tools’ design and iterative development process to support the autonomous driving system’s deployment and operations
  • Redesigned the data pipeline from raw data collection to data post processing, reducing the wasted time by over 30%; meanwhile, improved data visualization among teams over two places by adding unified data status
  • Created tags domain system for debrief and triage on the autonomous driving test’s problems, which supported algorithm modules’ conditional benchmarks and tag-driven improvement
  • In charge of HD mapping team’s operation and productization, doubled the speed of map generation by transforming human controlled process into modularized products

Robotics Software Engineer Intern, Boston, MA, May 2017 to Sept 2017

  • Designed and built a working station that can capture human-grasping data on 95% of the goods that Amazon sells
  • Set up the pipelines to analyze captured data using Point Cloud Library APIs and marker based deep learning, and extracted valuable metrics from human-grasping features, which contributed to the design of next generation’s robotic arm in Amazon Fulfillment Center
  • Proposed to write user manual of my station and built a 3-person’s team to continue working on the station

Founder & CEO, Beijing, China, Sept 2015 to Mar 2017

  • Created a peer-to-peer helping platform with over 40,000 users among top 5 universities in China, aiming to become a university-oriented community that can exchange help information and share interests
  • Led team of six people to develop the minimum viable product which matched the users in need with help providers, and developed a dashboard to track user engagement and feedbacks, which guided our product iteration process
  • Succeeded in growing our product into the biggest information exchange platform among 3 universities in 1.5 years
  • Achieved monthly revenue of $12000 by providing VIP features and building cooperation with local businesses

Product Manager Intern, Shenzhen, China, Jun 2015 to Sept 2015

  • Conducted 150 surveys on game players’ behaviors and needs, forming user profiles to design the gaming community
  • Designed the reputation system and other supporting functions of the popular online game, League of Legends (LOL), which hosted 16 million daily active users
  • Launched the 4th Anniversary program of League of Legends on WeChat, which visualized players’ gaming accomplishment records and exciting moments, attracting over 3,000,000 viewing quantity

Project Assistant, Beijing, China, Apr 2015 to Jun 2015

  • Helped Baoshang Bank in gathering and analyzing its customers’data, and identified big players in different industries