My Entrepreneurship Endeavors

1. Founder & CEO of LiBa Company, Beijing, China

  • Created a peer-to-peer helping platform with over 40,000 users among top 5 universities in China, aiming to become a university-oriented community that can exchange help information and share interests
  • Led team of six people to develop the minimum viable product which matched the users in need with help providers, and developed a dashboard to track user engagement and feedback, which guided our product iteration process
  • Succeeded in growing our product into the biggest information exchange platform among 3 universities in 1.5 years

Product Interface:


Background Dashboard:


Growth Data Monitor:


2. Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society (ASES) Summit, Stanford University

  • Selected as 35 of the world’s best collegiate entrepreneurs to attend this global summit at Stanford
  • Participated in a week of entrepreneurship, design, problem solving training classes, and met with famous entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley

3. Silver Prize in “Entrepreneurship Youth” China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition in 2014

  • Participated on behalf of an AOD group at this high level competition of entrepreneurship and saw lots of innovative business start-ups
  • Met with start-up groups and local government representatives from different parts of China to discuss the entrepreneurship environment and supporting policies
About AOD:
AOD is one of the most outstanding start-up companies originated from Tsinghua University, its main products are 3D printers with at most 0.02 mm high precision. The most brillant part of AOD’s business model is selling not only single machine, but with packaged solutions to Education area, Medical industry and jewelry shops.
My work at this start-up is to help design the 3D printing classroom and relevant facilities, so that AOD can introduce the packaged 3D printing class to middle schools.

4.The first place in Global Business Planning Competition at Intel, Silicon Valley, CA

In 2014 summer, I went to Silicon Valley to participate in this Business Planning Competition held at Intel. I served as the group leader of 6 members from Tsinghua, Peking and Fudan University, and our goal was to build a mature business plan within one week and finally present it before three famous VCs and senior executives of Intel.

I led my group conduct effective brain storming and managed to reach an innovative idea. When disagreement and conflict occurred, I calmed team members down and analyzed the problems with sober mind. Based on mutual understanding and the shared dream towards entrepreneurship, we became close friends, working and playing hard under a clear division of labor.

Finally, our idea of building an E-parking system received great praise from VCs and senior executives of Intel, and won the first place among 7 groups.

See more details about our teams’ business plan

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